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We set out to document the stories of immigrant innovators and entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow companies and create jobs in the U.S. because of current policy. As Congress debates immigration reform this summer, now is the time to tell these stories and to amplify awareness. This reform can have a major impact on the future of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in this country. 

When many think “immigration reform,” they think undocumented workers. While this is a large and important part of the discussion, we must also look at the part of the equation in which many entrepreneurs struggle against the legal channels despite that the outcome of their research and innovation has been proven to create jobs and a net positive on the U.S. economy

Foreign students in the U.S. who would be among the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs here instead are finding other countries increasingly welcoming—we are educating talented people to go elsewhere and in turn putting ourselves at a competitive disadvantage. 

By sharing the stories of students and entrepreneurs alongside the views of policy makers, we aim to create awareness about the current system, and investigate where the need for reform is, even picking apart the currently proposed bill. This documentary and web-series will be informative—describing and clarifying the reform process while maintaining an understanding of the deeply human nature of the issue.

This is more than statistics, numbers, bullet points on a list or sound-bites from the media. Help us show the lives, aspirations and achievements of innovators and the path they take to creating the next  Intel, Yahoo, Google, and eBay.


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