A short overview of the project with metaLAB Faculty Director, Jeffrey Schnapp.

Ghost is an interactive multimedia experience created as a series of online database documentaries with a physical installation at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as part of the Host and Guest exhibition. The exhibition was focused on logics of hospitality as laid out in an essay by French philosopher Jacques Derrida. The project was conceived by Jeffrey Schnapp, who began collecting a number of found materials to connect within Zeega, a media platform developed at metaLAB. Cristoforo joined the project to produce custom video and media content that served as a visual throughline connecting different pieces.

Though some of the finer functionality and presentation of the web-experience has decayed over time, its artifacts may be found here.

Still from one of the “guest book” videos Cristoforo created for the piece.
Part of an interactive menu Cristoforo created using invisible action zones over a series of seamless video transitions depending on the button pressed.
A still from the animated title sequence Cristoforo created for the piece.


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