Case Study: The White House [2012]

In 2012, Cristoforo worked with the White House Office of Digital Strategy’s creative team. It was an exciting office, working on a lot of presidential firsts like arranging a Google Hangout or Reddit Ask Me Anything with President Obama. Besides public relations and transparency, the office would work on amplifying voices of the American people. For example, when a payroll tax cut extension was up for vote, the Office of Digital Strategy queried the public what the extra $40 in their paycheck might mean for them. Following down responses on social media outlets like Twitter, a subset of citizens were invited to expand on their stories on camera and these were presented to Congress.

For his part, Cristoforo primarily he worked closely with the President’s videographer, Hope Hall, on the weekly behind-the-scenes segment, West Wing Week. As a video editor, he would receive, select, and assemble video files shot by Hope in her travels with President Obama. Once Cris had an approved cut, narration would be recorded by then Deputy Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, and it would serve as a guiding line through the piece.

Group photo with First Lady Michelle Obama in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building South Court Auditorium, May 3, 2012. Cristoforo pictured center. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

Shooting Photos and Video

While primarily an editor, Cristoforo also was assigned to shoot video including for an intimate performance with Keb Mo, a concert rehearsal for a Blues performance in the East Wing that featured Buddy Guy and Mick Jagger, and rode along in the First Lady’s motorcade to cover a Joining Forces Mother’s Day service event at the Vice President’s home. He was also assigned to shoot stills at events including portraits of the guests of the First Lady’s box at the 2012 State of the Union Address.

Photoshops, Motion Graphics, and Animation

Cristoforo also created motion graphics, animations, and photoshopped images for a variety of pieces. One memorable assignment included photoshopping a a visual gag for the 2012 White House Correspondence Dinner (the dog carrier on the roof of Air Force One with Mitt Romney coming down the stairs).

Cristoforo animated the intro and motion graphics for the My First Job series (above) and also for once-off intros for vignettes like the one on Girls in STEM (below).


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