Cristoforo Magliozzi is an interdisciplinary visual artist who seeks to reframe discourse, cultivate understanding, and support innovation through human-centered films, public art, and thoughtful design.

Areas of Work

Cris’ work as a designer, filmmaker, educator, cinematographer, animator, and researcher have brought him to the White House (Obama Administration), the Techstars’ incubator program and metaLAB (at) Harvard, an experimental media-making research and teaching unit. Other projects have taken him around the country and the world — including to Italy, Ghana, Mexico, and Malawi. He is currently a member of MASS Design Group‘s interdisciplinary team, which pursues projects focused on justice, access, resilience, and sustainability. 





Made in America with Italian Parts

Cris was born outside Boston to a librarian mother and a musician father who worked with computers. They gifted him an appreciation for access to education and excited me with how technology and the arts intersect. His Italian grandparents brought to the mix the impetus for lifelong interculturalism. He has been blessed to explore these themes at Harvard College, through an MFA at the University of Texas at Austin, and in his work.




Personal Philosophy

Cris believes a work culture of play is critical to unlock new perspectives and to open understanding. There are insights both from experienced practice and curious amateurism, so he both hones his primary crafts and regularly dabbles in new adjacent skillsets to stimulate fresh thinking. He strives for his work to serve communities and social causes.